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Assessing and Developing Core Business Skills

LeanForward is an authorized reseller of iLearn Solutions’ unique iTest assessments, Skillbuilder elearning courseware and the SkillBuilder CORE Competency Learning System (CORE).

iTest assessments allow organizations to objectively evaluate employee job skills—allowing for more efficient and cost-effective employee development planning.

The SkillBuilder CORE Competency Learning System empowers organizations to develop the CORE transferable competencies required for effective job performance.

Assess and Validate Employee Business Skills with iTests

Designed, developed, validated and updated by educational psychologists, career specialists and subject matter experts to ensure their effectiveness in assessing targeted skills.

iTests provide focused feedback that enables the organization as well as the learners to understand the learners’ specific job skill strengths and gaps, and are available in over 500 ready-to-deploy assessments on topics such as:

  • Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources
  • Computer and IT skills
  • Leadership and Management
  • Project Management
  • Healthcare

Address Skill Gaps with the SkillBuilder eLearning Series

Designed to address the skill sets assessed in the iTest, the SkillBuilder eLearning Series hones in on critical core business skills including:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Project and Time Management
  • Professional Development
  • Computer Literacy

SkillBuilder CORE Competency Learning System

The SkillBuilder CORE Competency Learning System integrates the SkillBuilder iTest and elearning courseware into a cohesive learning and development solution.  The SkillBuilder CORE streamlines and optimizes individual employee development by identifying and targeting specific opportunities for improvement.

SkillBuilder CORE bundles include:

  • Pre-learning iTests assessing specific strengths and gaps.
  • SkillBuilder elearning courseware addressing identified skills gaps.
  • Post-learning iTests providing an objective measurement of just how much was learned and your training ROI.

Results that Speak for Themselves

The programs competency-based design focuses learner attention on specific skill gaps—leading to significantly higher learning retention rates.

iTests then validate the specific core skill acquired by each learner, and establishes ROI metrics to help you evaluate how core competency development is coming along.

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