Employment Practices

Partnering With Employment Practices Experts

LeanForward has partnered with Employment Practices Solutions (EPS), a recognized leader in employment law and best practices, to design and develop an engaging and interactive series of elearning programs that tackle pressing HR topics such as harassment and diversity in the workplace.

The result of our union?  By combining LeanForward’s computer-based Instructional Design and elearning development expertise with EPS’ real world experience in employment law and best practices—we’ve created powerful elearning programs that require learners to actively participate in the training, challenge them with real world situations, and result in greater comprehension and retention—promoting higher levels of behaviour change.

Affordable, Off-the-Shelf, and Customizable

These affordable elearning programs can be used off-the-shelf or customized to incorporate your organization’s specific policies, procedures or practices.

Respectful Workplaces

Our flagship Respectful Workplaces series provides supervisors with a complete workplace harassment overview—and focuses on:

  • why harassment is a problem for organizations
  • what harassment is and is not
  • organization policy, corrective action, and addressing harassment complaints
  • legal liabilities and defenses
  • management concerns
  • harassment prevention

The supervisor’s version also places special emphasis on confidentiality, non-retaliation, and avoiding tort liability.

Respectful Workplaces provides employees with:

  • an understanding of what does and does not constitutes appropriate behavior
  • organization policy
  • how not to be a harasser
  • how not to be a victim
  • how to handle harassing behavior

California AB 1825

LeanForward and EPS have developed a California-specific version of the Respectful Workplace series which addresses California’s AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Training Mandate. 

This course provides an efficient and effective means for satisfying California’s AB 1825, and can also be customized to incorporate your organization’s specific sexual harassment policies.

California AB 1825 requires all organizations that regularly employ 50 or more California employees, including independent contractors and temporary employees, provide all supervisory employees with two hours of sexual harassment training within six months of assuming their supervisory role.  AB 1825 also requires that supervisory personnel receive two hours of sexual harassment refresher training every two years.

Easy Delivery Options

LeanForward’s employment practices courses are SCORM compliant.  This means they can be delivered via our intuitive hosted LearnPoint™ Learning Management System (LMS) or your organization’s SCORM compliant LMS.

Ready Made Courses-to-Go

In addition to LeanForward’s employment practices elearning series, we offer additional ready-made courses of pressing importance to businesses today including Learning and Development and Emergency Preparedness.

As a turn-key, full-service elearning firm, we provide the right people, with the right knowledge, at the right time—transferring critical knowledge from those who have it, to those who need it.