Emergency Preparedness University

Emergency Preparedness University (EPU) provides potential responders with convenient access to valuable emergency preparedness training that incorporates input from local, state, and national representatives as well as the U.S. military—allowing users to capitalize on the collective knowledge and experience of a wide range of emergency preparedness and public health personnel.

EPU’s real-time, interactive, and self-paced online training tackles critical emergency preparedness topics including the recommended Emergency Preparedness Core Competencies For Public Health Workers, Dispensing Supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile, and Understanding Job Action Sheets.

EPU also allows organizations to leverage existing training programs—freeing up limited instructional resources to focus on organization-specific policies, procedures, and practices.

Emergency Preparedness Courseware

Emergency Preparedness Core Competencies for Public Health Workers

This interactive course educates learners on the nine core competencies identified by The Center for Health Policy at Columbia University’s School of Nursing—providing Public Health workers with a solid foundation to enhance their emergency preparedness.

It includes an Emergency Preparedness Core Competency Action Plan to provide a clear roadmap for maximizing personnel emergency preparedness, and can help organizations participating in the National Association of County & City Health Officials’ (NACCHO) Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) initiative achieve PPHR recognition.

Distributing Supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile

This course provides an efficient and effective means for proactively training potential responders on the processes used to distribute SNS supplies during a public health emergency.  Should an actual public health emergency arise, this course can also be used to provide critical just-in-time training.

This course covers:

  • SNS background
  • Mass dispensing overview
  • Incident Management and the ICS overview
  • A summary of mass dispensing response expectations

Mass Distribution Roles

Compliments Distributing Supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile by providing responders with training on 40+ potential SNS supply distribution roles.  Learners select their specific role (i.e. Medical Officer, Security Officer, Communications Specialist) to learn what will be required of them while performing their role.  This course also outlines expectations of all responders during a mass distribution response.

Are You Ready to Respond in An Emergency?

  • Is your organization providing potential responders with consistent and proper emergency preparedness training?
  • Are you confident in the quality of your organization’s training?
  • What do your training programs costs in terms of planning, communications, materials, personnel and time?
  • Are you training new personnel in a timely manner?
  • Are you providing potential responders with refresher training to keep their knowledge current?
  • What are the costs of untrained and/or inadequately trained responders?

EPU can provide the right people, with the right knowledge, at the right time – helping enhance your organization’s emergency preparedness.