Instructor-Led Training

There are times when live, instructor-led training is most effective—facilitating real-time interaction, in-depth information sharing and direct response to questions.

LeanForward recognizes this, and can develop Instructor-Led Training (ILT) materials for standalone delivery or as part of a blended learning program.

Avoid Death by PowerPoint

Whether live and in person or live on the Web, the ILT must engage and encourage learners to participate. Passive presentations, a.k.a. “death by PowerPoint” are a waste of time—with learners retaining less than 5% of the info after just one month.

Our custom ILT programs reflect our commitment to developing training programs that engage the learners and require their active participation – requiring them to perform learning exercises, participate in hands-on activities, respond to questions and share their knowledge with fellow students.

ILTs can also include group involvement like breakout sessions or role plays—activities that boost long-term comprehension and retention while providing the learners with a more enjoyable learning experience.

Success WITH PowerPoint

In addition to comprehensive instructor/facilitator guide development, LeanForward’s custom ILT materials often include PowerPoint presentations, participant guides, job aids and other training materials.  These materials help ensure that the training’s learning objectives are achieved and that the learners apply their newfound knowledge in the workplace.

ILT – a Virtual Experience

Today’s technology has allowed ILT to go virtual—with instructors delivering cutting-edge training via the Internet.  This is often referred to as synchronized elearning—with instructors and trainees participating together in real time from two or more locations over the Internet.

LeanForward’s Instructional Design team will work with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure your ILT stays aligned with your organization’s specific business objectives and addresses your supporting learning requirements—ensuring the ILT gives learners all the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Freeing Up Your Resources – Train the Trainer and Much More

LeanForward recognizes that outsourcing ILT development is not just about ensuring its quality—it’s also about minimizing demands placed on your internal resources. Our Instructional Design team can efficiently convert your subject matter into engaging and interactive training—freeing up your internal resources to focus on their core competencies.

As a turn-key,full-service elearning firm, we provide the right people, with the right knowledge, at the right time—transferring critical knowledge from those who have it, to those who need it.