Leverage LeanForward’s sophisticated computer based Instructional Design and advanced instructional technology to provide your learners with access to engaging and interactive training anytime, anywhere, with asynchronous (self-directed) Web-based Training (WBT) or Computer-Based Training (CBT).

Asynchronous WBT and CBT utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver course content without the need for an instructor to facilitate the course.  This allows learners to take the training when it best fits their schedule and complete the training at their own pace.  WBT and CBT eliminate the need for the instructor and/or the learners to travel, thereby eliminating any associated travel costs.

Dozens of studies have also proven that asynchronous WBT and CBT often reduce training time by 50% or more!  This reduces labor costs and significantly boosts productivity.  And don’t forget, you don’t need an instructor so you can reallocate their valuable time to other tasks.  In addition, since you don’t need an instructor, WBT and CBT are fully scalable, allowing you to efficiently train hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of end users.

WBT and CBT can provide tangible results, faster and more efficiently than anything possible in a traditional classroom or even via virtual (synchronized) web-based training.

Some examples of WBT and CBT include:

  • Providing on-boarding training for new employees
  • Delivering compliance training
  • Training on company policies and procedures
  • Software training
  • Sales training
  • Product training for employees, channel partners or customers

Turn your proprietary knowledge into a passive revenue stream

Do you have valuable subject matter expertise you would like to license?  Let LeanForward turn your subject matter expertise into a passive revenue stream that you can use to secure new business, increase penetration into you existing accounts or even use to help promote your other products or services.