Role Play and Business Simulations

Want your learners to be able to think on their feet?

LeanForward’s role play and business simulations can help by rapidly immersing learners into challenging realistic situations, and making them navigate through these situations as they would in real life.

Role Play Scenarios

Online role play scenarios help learners improve their interpersonal communications and decision-making skills—via experiential learning that lets them exercise their knowledge and judgement in a safe and supportive environment. Role play scenarios are particularly effective in teaching soft skills such as sales, customer service, and leadership.

Maximize Learning Value

LeanForward’s role play simulations maximize learning value by providing instructional guidance as learners progress through each customized course. Learners can even access background information, reference material, or even guidance from a boss, peer, or coach.

Example Customer Service Role Play Scenario
A customer service representative is placed in a realistic situation where they receive a call from an irate customer.  They are then challenged with addressing the customer’s complaint.  The role play simulation:

  1. Requires the learner to make decisions about how to acknowledge the customer’s compliant.
  2. Provides immediate feedback about their response by letting them know if they have successfully defused the customer’s frustration or unintentionally increased it.
  3. Leads the learner through a series of dynamic interactions based on their response.
  4. Throughout the role play exercise, the learner gains access to additional realistic information such as customer history, as well as to valuable resources including a simulated “coach” who provides guidance as needed.
  5. All the while, learners receive instructional feedback on things done right and wrong, and how they can improve.

The result? Learners experiences first-hand how their actions impact customer satisfaction in the real world!

Custom Business Simulations

When you need to train personnel to navigate complex business processes, LeanForward can help with customized business simulations providing learners with valuable experiential learning where they can exercise their business knowledge in a safe and secure environment.

This lets them practice decision-making, and see the impact of their decisions immediately—without incurring any real business risk.

Example Profit Center Business Simulation

The manager of a profit center is challenged with generating the most profit over a period of one year.  The business simulation:

  1. Requires the learner to make realistic decisions about business issues such as staffing, advertising and pricing.
  2. Simulates the results of their decisions on business’ P&L over the next 30 days, and provides them with instructional guidance.
  3. Allows the learner to make adjustments each month based on what they have learned so far.
  4. Presents them with unexpected yet realistic “land mines,” such as the loss of a key employee or the introduction of a new competitor.
  5. Provides the learner with overall performance stats after the 12-month cycle, and allows them to run the simulation again until they have mastered the business process.

The result? Learners get to experience the results of their business decisions in a realistic manner without incurring real business risk.

Role Play and Process Simulations — Change for the Better

LeanForward’s role play scenarios and business simulations can help change and improve your team’s behavior with real-life learning exercises that go far beyond traditional elearning.