Learning Games

Want to challenge learners to surpass expectations?

Learning games, sometimes referred to as serious games or Immersive Learning Simulations (ILS), help learners better understand complex concepts and processes.

LeanForward creates custom learning games that simulate real life business challenges. Learners must complete realistic tasks in a safe, controlled environment—testing their knowledge and decision making capabilities along the way.

Learning Games Maximize Learning Value

LeanForward’s learning games maximize learning value by providing instructional guidance as the learners progress through each customized game. This guidance also helps reinforce learner knowledge.

Custom Learning Game  

No more waiting around for months to see what impact actions have on profitability . . . imagine a learning game that challenges managers to improve profitability—in a safe and controlled simulated environment.

We’ll place your learner in charge of a profit center and provide them with background on its performance.

Our learning game will challenge them to reach a pre-defined profitability goal by adjusting operational variables—such as staffing and incentives—just like in real life!

Learners then get “do-overs”—complete with another round of adjustments to learn how they can maximize profitability over time.

They will receive immediate performance feedback—including the impact on key performance metrics like costs, and instructional feedback on things done right, wrong, and ways to improve.

They will also be presented with real-life challenges such as loss of key personnel that they will have to overcome.

Build Confidence and Skill with Safe Learning Games

By allowing learners to test their knowledge and decision-making in a safe environment, and allowing for the impact of change to unfold before their eyes—learners are better prepared to take on real-life challenges and have more self-confidence.

As a turn-key, full-service elearning firm, we provide the right people, with the right knowledge, at the right time—transferring critical knowledge from those who have it, to those who need it.