Rose L - VDOT

The VaTraffic elearning has been so successful that I have not had to put on a single instructor-led program since it was launched

Natalie M. - CCWA

Learners are clamoring for more of the elearning programs developed by LeanForward.

Jeff M. - Prevention Strategies

LearnPoint has exceeded our expectations for ease of use. It has been an invaluable tool for delivering our training to over 6,000 learners every year.

Pat C. - Dacor

We have used LearnPoint for over 5 years. It has been an excellent tool for delivering and tracking product training across our company and dealer network

Katrina A. - FAA

People in other lines of business at the FAA are so impressed with your team’s work, they would like a similar version of the training made for air traffic controllers and technical operations

Pete N. - GBC

This is outstanding! This is the best CBT I have seen in my 16 years with GBC