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    Put the learner first!

    If you’ve ever worked in retail, food service, or similar sectors, you have surely heard this rule: “The customer is always right.” So, when it comes to eLearning, why don’t […]

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    Let’s talk gamification

      Gamification has been getting a lot of attention in the eLearning world over the past few years, and with good reason. The market is expected to reach $5.5 billion […]

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    Mobile Learning – Five Years In, What Have We Learned?

    Remember the Arab Spring? The wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton? The untimely death of Randy “Macho Man” Savage? Well, they might seem like yesterday, but all of those […]

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    Put Some Power Behind That PowerPoint Presentation With These Tips

    Sure; the average high-schooler knows how to throw together a PowerPoint presentation. But you’re not just trying to grab a C+ in Mrs. Terwilliger’s social studies class anymore; you’re trying […]

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    What Can We Learn From David Byrne?

    Back in 2003, former Talking Heads front man David Byrne took a new tour on the road. But long gone were the futuristic new wave sounds and oversized suits of […]

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    Learning Management Systems, They Are A-Changing

    As you might have noticed by now, we like to keep things fresh and new over here at LeanForward. We don’t want to sit still when we could be improving […]

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    What’s required of eLearning Subject Matter Experts?

    Effective training involves coupling the expertise of our clients’ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with LeanForward’s proven instructional design and development process – a collaborative effort that ensures engaging elearning development […]

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    The Virtues of Visual Learning

    Education comes in many forms, no matter the education level of the student. Experts point to three basic styles of learning:  auditory learning, kinesthetic learning, and visual learning. Auditory learning […]

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    Is eLearning Worth the Investment? The Short Answer is Yes, But Here’s the Long One if You Need It.

    If your organization is thinking about replacing some of its Instructor-led Training (ILT) with eLearning, you may be charged with justifying the investment. So we’re here to help you think […]

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    Flash is Dying a Slow Painful Death

    First Apple declared that Adobe’s Flash was an inefficient energy hog so it decided not to support it on its iPads.  Instead of relying on Flash, Apple threw its weight […]

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    Is ILT the best method for delivering training on heavily interpersonal topics?

    I’m often asked “Is instructor-led training (ILT) the best method for delivering training on topics that are heavily interpersonal in nature, such as on sales skills or interpersonal communications?”  In […]

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    Training Provider “On-Shores” its eLearning Development Through LeanForward

    A leading provider of corporate training programs that had been outsourcing much its elearning development off-shore has decided to redirect much of their elearning development work to LeanForward.  This organization […]

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