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    Mobile Elearning (mLearning) Development and Trends

    Smartphones have been around in their simplest form, as PDAs, since the mid-1990s. But it wasn’t until 2007 when touchscreen smartphones hit the market that the smartphone revolution began. At […]

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    What’s the Cost of Elearning—and Is It Worth It?

    If your organization is thinking about replacing some of its Instructor-led Training (ILT) with elearning, you may be charged with justifying the investment. The first thing you’ll need to know […]

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    5 Elearning Trends for 2017

    Like any industry, corporate elearning is in a perpetual state of evolution as it adjusts to modern business requirements and advances in technology. Most changes follow a similar progression: Industry […]

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    Effective Elearning Development: What You Need to Know

    Asynchronous elearning has proven to be a potent and cost-effective method for delivering training.  The advantages of self-directed elearning are almost as numerous as the organizations that deploy it, but […]

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    Put Some Power Behind That PowerPoint Presentation With These Tips

    Sure; the average high-schooler knows how to throw together a PowerPoint presentation. But you’re not just trying to grab a C+ in Mrs. Terwilliger’s social studies class anymore; you’re trying […]

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    Learning Management Systems, They Are A-Changing

    As you might have noticed by now, we like to keep things fresh and new over here at LeanForward. We don’t want to sit still when we could be improving […]

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    Flash is Dying a Slow Painful Death

    First Apple declared that Adobe’s Flash was an inefficient energy hog so it decided not to support it on its iPads.  Instead of relying on Flash, Apple threw its weight […]

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    Storyline 2 – A Powerful eLearning Authoring Tool

    Storyline 2 by Articulate has quickly become one of our favorite go-to eLearning authoring tools. This easy-to-use program provides many features to help create engaging and effective training courses in […]

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    NAIA Engages LeanForward to Support NAIA Academy

    The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has engaged LeanForward to design and develop its new NAIA Academy. The association’s first online training program includes its Champions of Character Live […]

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    eLearning Development and HTML5

    For years, Adobe Flash was the predominant tool used to develop engaging, interactive elearning courseware.  Flash based courseware allows for a high-level of course interactivity while providing a consistent user […]

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    Why License a Hosted LMS Solution?

    There has been tremendous growth in the hosted LMS solutions over the past few years. Sometimes referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS) or Application Service Provider (ASP) agreement, a hosted […]

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    Learning Management System (LMS) Features vs. Usability

    One of the major LMS providers recently declared that their system has over 700 features.  Clearly, they feel that offering all these features provides them with a competitive advantage.  From […]

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